Enjoying Peace and Balance

Enjoying Peace and Balance
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Have you ever ridden in a car with a flat tire? How was the ride? A little bumpy, perhaps?

Manufacturers design cars such that the weight of the vehicle is evenly dispersed between four, properly inflated tires. When this happens, a smooth, comfortable ride is the result.

What happens in your own life when something is out of balance and not carrying its share of the weight? Is life a little bumpy? In this workshop you will identify areas of your life that are out of balance and be given the tools and resources you need to bring everything into balance, enabling you to enjoy peace.

In today’s world of over-commitment, media madness, global tensions, and economic uncertainties, finding peace and maintaining balance can seem impossible. Added to challenges coming from the outside world are those coming from our personal lives. When a spouse or child gets seriously ill the usual routines are tossed aside. When a job is lost you will feel lost because the driving force that got you up in the morning, out the door, and provided a basic structure to your day is no longer there. When a relationship breaks up, a job assignment changes, a new manager comes on the scene, or worse – a natural disaster strikes, life can spin out of balance and into chaos.

Learning to enjoy peace and balance means discovering and accepting the fact that peace comes from within. Your inner peace is not dependent on outer peace. If it was, you would be at the mercy of a crazy world and would spend all your time trying to control that world so you could have a little peace of mind.
Many people do this, and wear themselves out trying to get the world and those around them to comply. However, this kind of control is misplaced.

The kind of control that is needed is self control. Inner peace depends on your ability to let go of the world while practicing the discipline of personal responsibility for your attitudes, responses, and behaviors. The question to ask yourself is, “Are you part of the problem, or part of the solution?”

If you are in the habit of blaming others, denying responsibility, manipulating people or events, magnifying small irritations so you’ll have something to talk about, or constantly creating drama because it brings you attention, you will never have peace and balance. If you want peace of mind and a sense of balance in your life, you have to make a commitment to truth, love, cooperation, service, acceptance of what is, and a willingness to embrace your own power to create a beautiful, stress-free environment.

A common misconception is that the way to have peace is to ignore your feelings. Another – and opposite – misconception is that some reactions and behaviors are “normal,” or even expected in certain cases. For example, when insulted, some people get angry, others become aggressive, some feel crushed and their self esteem takes a dive, while still others slink away to pout or and spend days imagining things they could do to get even. Most of us inherit attitudes, responses, and reactions to certain feelings from our parents. We observed them and copied what they did – or what we thought they were doing.

The problem with both of these misconceptions is that too many people flop from one pole to the other as if these were the only two possibilities. To ignore feelings is an invitation to have them go underground and sabotage your relationships in very destructive ways. The feeling goes unfelt, unacknowledged, and unexpressed, then surfaces later at a totally inappropriate moment. When you hear a friend or lover irritably complaining, “You never do (or say)…” OR, “You always think (or say, or act as if)…” then you can be fairly certain they have been ignoring feelings and allowing them to go underground.

You are not limited to one pole or the other – ignoring feelings, or reacting negatively to what has just transpired. What about all the other possible responses that would allow you to say, “Wow, that was quite an insult! Is that what you really wanted to say?” and give the person a chance to restate their words, perhaps more positively. If you are in a particularly detached state of mind you might respond with an unspoken observation like, “Hmmm, that was truly an insult and I think this conversation will be terminated until she’s in a better place. Then we’ll talk some more,” and then leave as quickly as possible. There is always the simple truth that would say, “Ouch, that insult hurt! I’m so sorry you felt the need to say that.”

And if you were feeling brave and willing to listen deeper, you might add, “What else are you feeling that I should know about?” then breathe deeply and slowly as you listen bravely to someone else’s truth without taking it personally.

Fortunately, we can and do design our own lives whether consciously or unconsciously. Things often go a bit smoother when we do it consciously, and some people have a natural gift for maintaining a peaceful atmosphere. If you would like to be one of them, consider the Ultimate Destiny self study course, Enjoying Peace and Balance. You will find it really is possible to nurture the spirit of peace and keep your life in balance.



Shows the relationship of peace and balance Get the guilt monkey off your back by seeing that balance is always a thing in motion.
Discusses what is the core of our true identity Remind yourself of your true identity,
which in itself enhances peace.
Explains the dynamic of change in relationships. Discover how you will change a relationship even if you are the only one “trying”.
Provides a step-by-step approach to gaining balance in your life Get inspired that peace is possible, even in the midst of challenging circumstances.

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